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Sant Shishunala Sharif

Shishunala Sharif (1819-1889) was a saint poet, philosopher and social reformer from the state of Karnataka in India.His compositions of tatvapada(moral poems) are in Kannada language. Sharif is recognized as the first ever Muslim poet in Kannada literature.

As a child, Shishunala Sharif was a very charming and intelligent. After completing his studies, he worked as a school teacher for a while, before taking up the spiritual search. He found a great Guru in Shri Kalasada Guru Govinda Bhatta. They both shared a very cordial relationship and often engaged in intriguing spiritual discussions.

Though, a Muslim by birth, Shishunala Sharif believed in Hinduism too, also bringing in the communal harmony. In his birth place Shishuvinahala, even today both Hindus and Muslims can be seen worshipping him at the same temple.

Shishunala Sharif was known to compose poems as per the situation and sing them to spread the messages across. Though, he never penned down his compositions, from the word of mouth quite a few them have been passed on to the next generations.

One such famous song can be found here:-

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Sant Dnyaneshwar

Sant Dnyaneshwar lived in Maharashtra from 1275 to 1296. He wrote a Marathi translation of Bhagawat Gita, to make it available to common man of that time. It is popularly known as Dnyaneshwari. 

Sant Dnyaneshwar took  Samadhi at an early age of 21 in Alandi. 

Wiki Article   describes Sant Dnyaneshwar very well. Another good article is here.

He and his 4 siblings went through troubled childhood due to non-acceptance of his family from Brahmins for his fathers change from Sanyasashram to Gruhasthashram. The Siblings were sparkling in their knowledge and at such young age described Advaita to the people in the language they could understand.

Sant Dnyaneshwar combined gyan and bhakti – knowledge and devotion. Lakhs of devotees travel from Paithan to Alandi every year singing devotional songs, and dancing and getting immersed in the divine.